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Erratum : réponse de Jason Powers sur la précédente news

Bonjour à tous,

J'évoquais dans ma précédente news les rumeurs annoncant le départ de Haqshot pour D!E. Bien m'en a pris de tout mettre au conditionnel puisque Jason Powers en personne, est venu rectifier l'information pas plus tard que ce matin, heure française. Je vous copie son commentaire qui permet de faire le point sur la situation de PowersGaming :

Haqshot didnt quit; he was getting sick when we played NewYork, and then felt really bad in the recent Annaheim LAN in California. When he showed up for the ForbiddeN match, he could not speak at all, but played anyway. Afterwards, he just left and went to sleep. Haq practiced with us for a little while today, and will play in the EZ5 match tomorrow nite. As for p0s, he has not been on our roster for several months; you may have him confused with Team D!E, who disbanded last night without ever even playing a match. Lot of reasons for this, but lets stay on target here. I did cut wukev, basically for inactivity, and also struk, because I felt that his attitude did not mesh well with what I consider to be a necessary "team effort". The last few weeks have seen PowersGaming in a slump, and this is primarily my fault, for two reasons: lack of practice, and lack of strong ingame leadership. Today we practiced for 6 hours straight, and will continue this rigorous schedule, much the same as we did last season. Current ingame leader cLowN will still play, but Pr0D takes over calling for season four. Pr0D began working with the team today, as did cLaRK, both recent pickups. Pr0D used to call for teams such as check-six and most recently G3, who took 3rd place in NewYork. cLaRK was a top player for check-six as well. We play EZ5 tomorrow nite, with a starting lineup of cLowN, mOE, haq, Warmach1ne and PH1L, and hope to win out the lower bracket so we can play the winner of the upper bracket and still win CAL Invite Playoffs. Thanks for your support of Team PowersGaming :)

Voilà, vous savez tout ^^

Plus d'infos ?

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Pas mal la news quand on n'est pas doué en anglais comme moi

Écrit par : Jérémy | 26/10/2005

Ah oui ca n'aide pas effectivement :/ lol

Écrit par : Pomme | 27/10/2005

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